Modex 2022, March 28-31

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The Made4net Warehouse Management System (WMS), WarehouseExpert, is a powerful, tier-one WMS that is recognized for its configurability to meet the needs of all levels of warehouse complexity, from pop-up, micro-fulfillment sites to the most complex warehouses with extensive robotics, automation and material handling equipment integrations.

Amit Levy

Presentation: The Mastermind of Micro-Fulfillment Centers

Learn how the right WMS/WES is the driving force to orchestrating and optimizing the equipment, labor, orders, and processes in your micro-fulfillment facilities.

Wednesday, March 30
11:45AM – 12:30PM
Micro-Fulfillment Theater

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WarehouseExpert™ is a robust real-time WMS that enables you to improve productivity, increase service levels, improve order fulfillment times and reduce overall operation costs.
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LaborExpert uses proven best pratices to track performance, improve labor standards, and increases productivity.
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DeliveryExpert is an Automated Proof of Delivery system (POD) that will optimize your Delivery operations resulting in greater efficiency and improved customer service while saving you time and money.
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RoutingExpert™ is a powerful tactical route planning solution that will help you optimize your distribution costs and provide better customer service by building and scheduling more efficient routes.
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Made4net Press Release

Made4net MODEX Press Briefing

Made4net is a leading global provider of best-in-class, cloud-based supply chain execution software and warehouse management systems for organizations of all sizes to improve the speed and efficiency of their supply chain.

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What’s your ROI?

This WMS ROI calculator should help you answer the basic question, “Given a high-level estimate of the current state of my operations, what can I generally expect in terms of productivity, training and error prevention benefits from a new WMS?”
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Complexity counts when evaluating WMS solutions.

Get the Gartner's Model to Understand the 10 Dimensions of Warehouse Complexity Before Evaluating WMS Solutions.
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Customer Success Stories

Press Release Made4net Announces Acquisition Agreement With Zethcon

Teaneck, NJ – June 9, 2022 – Made4net, a global leader in cloud-based supply chain execution and warehouse management system

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Case Study Sadaf

The SADAF Challenge: The food and beverage industry presents unique challenges due to perishable products and the regulations surrounding them.

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Case Study Rotech Healthcare, Inc.

Automating Excellence: Learn how Made4net Helped Rotech Maximize Multi-Million in Inventory by Removing Manual Processes.

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Case Study K&M Style

K&M Style, a 3PL provider for international CPG companies in Bulgaria such as L’Oréal, Garnier, Maybelline has implemented Made4net’s SCExpert™

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Case Study Green Sprouts

A Strategic Move to Made4net’s WarehouseExpert Solution Eradicates Years of Previous WMS Inefficiencies. Read the Case Study.

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Knowledge Center Resources

Press Release Made4net Announces Acquisition Agreement With Zethcon

Teaneck, NJ – June 9, 2022 – Made4net, a global leader in cloud-based supply chain execution and warehouse management system

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Whitepaper Supply Chain Implementation Tips from the Experts

I talked to four industry experts from leading supply chain consulting firms and asked them about the top mistakes they

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Press Release Summit Industrial Park Optimizes Distribution at Texas Facility with Made4net Warehouse Management System

WMS manages reusable oil pipeline assets in 50-acre yard in West Texas to drive operational efficiency Teaneck, NJ – April

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Blog 3 Important Factors for WMS ROI: Adaptability, Configurability and Scalability

2020 and 2021 have put tremendous strain on the global supply chain, and experts indicate things will not return to

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Blog How Measuring Warehouse KPIs Can Help Increase Revenue

The speed of commerce and skyrocketing customer demand have placed tremendous pressure on supply chains. While warehouse operators need to

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Blog 10 Ways a Better WMS Can Solve Your Distribution Challenges

Major changes in the retail landscape have accelerated rapidly in the past few years, and with that change comes new

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Blog Top 5 Things to Look for in a Warehouse Management System for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Shopping for key infrastructure software like a Warehouse Management System (WMS) can be incredibly stressful. It’s a big decision that

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Industry Awards

And the winner is...

Made4net is recognized by industry analysts, associations, partners and consultants for excellence in our supply chain solutions, and for our teams who consistently deliver real results for our customers. We are honored to be recognized for our efforts by many industry awards.

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