Last Mile Delivery

Smarter Delivery Management Keeps Customers Satisfied

DeliveryExpert, last mile delivery software, can help manage every step of the delivery process, from scheduling to signature collection.

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Last mile delivery system to optimize scheduling, tracking, and delivery verification

With truck capacity issues the likes of which we’ve never seen and consumer expectations soaring, delivery management is more critical than ever. It’s a challenge to achieve on-time deliveries that create happy customers while keeping delivery costs on-budget. 

DeliveryExpertTM, Made4net’s delivery management solution, has the power to help you schedule, track, verify, and collect data to improve your delivery metrics so you can strategize for efficiency.

Key Capabilities

Made4net’s DeliveryExpert tracking and POD system has the power to simplify the delivery process, especially when deployed as a component of Made4net’s SCExpert TM integrated suite of products. It tracks your fleet using AVL technology, as well as automatically capturing data on what was delivered, where it was delivered, when it was delivered, and who signed for the delivery.

  • Schedule shipments and deliveries, scan, load and track 
  • Manage drop off and pickup of shipments and packages 
  • Real-time fleet and product or package delivery tracking
  • Eliminate paper and adopt digital signature capture in real time
  • View delivery progress by route or by truck in real time dashboards
  • Drill down analytics for delivery detail and signature
  • Run mobile app online or offline on Android devices
  • Seamless integration with all Made4net solutions for end-to-end supply chain visibility and control

Key Benefits

DeliveryExpert provides the visibility you need to create a true end-to-end supply chain from warehouse to customer. With real-time dashboard updates, vehicle locations and AI driven ETA’s, you can track and manage deliveries easier and more efficiently. Faster and more accurate deliveries equal happier customers, and DeliveryExpert can give you both.

  • Gain end-to-end visibility with real-time delivery tracking
  • Eliminate paperwork by capturing customer electronic signatures in real time
  • Scan and track each package or order by item, in real time 
  • Reduce errors 
  • Improve driver productivity tasks guided on their mobile devices
  • Save fuel by running more efficient deliveries
  • Better customer service and satisfaction



42% increase in customer satisfaction


19% reduction in cost of labor and paperwork


12% savings in error reductions and customer returns

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