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Manufacturing with Made4net

Optimize just-in-time inventory and run leaner.

We do the heavy lifting so you can raise the bar in productivity.

Managing every part of the supply chain from raw material to finished goods, while gaining lot traceability. Increasing overall visibility. Monitoring costs while putting more products in the pipeline. Accountability, accuracy and automation move the manufacturing supply chain.

Without a doubt, creating an optimized manufacturing environment comes with its share of challenges. Fundamentally, success rests on how well a company plans, schedules, deploy, and tracks the movement of physical and human assets across its global production and supply chain network. Manufacturers strive to maximize their return on invested capital while reducing operating expenses. Getting control of the on-the-ground order management, inventory planning and warehouse management activities are critical starting points.

Made4net’s SCExpert™ product suite of warehouse, yard and labor management solutions moves manufacturing operations toward increased efficiency, streamlined order fulfillment and lower costs. We do the heavy lifting so you can raise the bar in productivity.

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Key Features of SCExpert

  • Adapts to your present and future inventory models and business processes, without the need for continuous customization and operational disruptions
  • Easily integrates to leading manufacturing ERP systems such as SAP, Oracle and others
  • Lot control and inventory traceability
  • Space optimization
  • Advanced yard management and appointment scheduling
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Manufacturers can benefit from

  • Control the flow of raw materials into the production environment
  • Material and labor for BOM and value-added-services management
  • Supply chain, distribution and resources management with real-time visibility of order, shipment planning and wave picking processes
  • Inventory allocation driven by defined business rules supporting service level agreements (SLAs) and unique customer requirements
  • Automates inbound and outbound processes

What can the Made4net WMS do for you?


Drive and optimize pick and pack, improve quality control at both inbound and outbound, generation of real time replenishment, to name a few


Improve the flow of inventory from production all the way into their DC and leverage its fulfillment capabilities in the various sales & distribution channels


Gain end-to-end supply chain transparency and satisfy increasing customer compliance requirements

Ready to take your manufacturing to the next level?

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