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E-Commerce with Made4net

Master your multi-channel fulfillment strategy

Multi-channel order fulfillment at hyper speed.

Deciding how much inventory to carry and where to keep it as your digital footprint expands. Securing that last-mile delivery to create a great customer experience. When it comes to running an e-commerce business, speed is both your friend and your enemy.

To achieve excellence, e-commerce companies must master their order management and drop-ship programs with big-box retailers, individual end-users and everyone in between. Managing returns, warranties and other value-added services while maintaining inventory control for a high volume of small orders are important parts of the win.

Made4net helps you race to your customer’s door with scalable warehouse and fulfillment software solutions aimed at improving the movement, packing, tracking and management of your inventory and shipments. Our solutions keep your feet–and products–on the ground while you move and grow in the tech-lined, e-commerce clouds.

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Functional highlights of Made4net WMS

  • Retail compliance in labeling, documentation, and EDI
  • Unique single-line order handling
  • Optimization of facility and labor resources
  • Complex pick and pack methods
  • Seamless integration to shopping carts, enterprise systems and shippers
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WarehouseExpert will drive you through

  • The processing and handling of high volume of small orders
  • Efficiently picking and labeling products in no time
  • Implementing flexible inventory allocation rules
  • Enabling a mix of picking methods including, but not limited to, RF, labels, pick lists, voice and more.
  • The orchestrating of automated picking solutions and AMR’s
  • Reduced order fulfillment errors and meeting shipping SLA’s

We Help Material Bank


Manage about 200,000 SKUs in its logistics hub, with a planned 1 millions SKUs, and outgrowing a 75,000-square-foot facility in Memphis and moving to a larger operation in early 2020


Execute on-time order fulfillment and shipping requirements for hundreds of orders every night by integrating WMS, e-commerce, robot automation, and billing platforms.


Support a large scale materials return operation, which emphasizes sustainability and maximizes material reuse

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