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3PL with Made4net

Be the strategic partner your customers want you to be.

It’s your ticket to first-class customer service.

Win another big account. Effectively manage multiple regional and national warehouses, and customer inventories. Adapt quickly to changes in volume levels, delivery schedules and customer requirements. In the 3PL sector, the more value you can add to your customer’s value chain, the better partner you’ll be.

But, the sheer amount of tasks coming at you every day poses serious challenges to the way you and your labor force work. Driver shortages, fuel costs and global security issues bring additional concern and complexity to the planning and execution process. Efficient warehouse mobility, a rich portfolio of value-added services and a stellar on-time delivery record give 3PLs a competitive edge.

Made4net’s SCExpert™ fully integrated suite of WMS, LMS, billing and customer access solutions help you stretch that competitive edge even further. We help boost your value proposition through multi-client facility support, delivery confirmation features and advanced returns management. It’s your ticket to first-class customer service.

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Key Features of Made4net 3PL WMS

  • Highly configurable 3PL client rules-based WMS improves flexibility, order fulfillment and shipping accuracy
  • Advanced invoicing and billing capabilities to track activities by client
  • Compliance with federal regulations
  • Rapid onboarding of new customers
  • Leverages the latest in mobile and Web technologies to provide an easy, accurate and up-to-the-minute way to track, manage and optimize the last supply chain mile
warehouse with semi trucks

As a Made4net 3PL WMS customer, you will benefit from

  • Increased customer global inventory visibility through an online portal
  • Optimized inventory deployment
  • Configurable tools that allow your customer to feel at home – provide them personalized documents, labels and services as if it was their own WMS
  • A platform to provide better service and support to your customer-acquisition growth
  • Vendor-managed inventory capabilities
  • Robust VAS tools fully integrated to your billing and invoicing engine
  • Event-driven alerts and notifications on inventory levels, client warehouse activities and more

Here is what our customers gained


Improve its business processes and real-time warehouse control, enhanced its productivity by 25% or more, and eliminated shipment mistakes


Maximize space utilization, enabling Fritz to preserve the same level of activity with reduced human resources and costs and with improved service


Obtain accurate labor management data and to calculate the productivity of each warehouse worker

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