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There’s no way around it – the B2Me era is upon us, and you’re an important piece to make it happen.

Get control of shrinking margins. Improve performance with up-to-date business information. Re-configure inventory levels, adjust space allocations and exceed customers’ service expectations. In wholesale distribution, keeping your finger on the pulse of the market and customers’ demands require visibility from the warehouse floor all the way to the back office.

Best-in-class excellence will also be determined by how well you transform your warehouse, and how agile it is in responding to the growing heap of omni-channel demands. Wholesaler distributors that invest in traceability, analytics, real-time visibility and other ways to reduce operational complexity will secure an advantage over competitors. There’s no way around it – the B2Me era is upon us, and you’re an important piece to make it happen.

Made4net’s SCExpert™ platform, featuring fully integrated warehouse and transportation management solutions , gives you the visibility and agility you need in today’s world with a few clicks of a button. Really, it’s that easy.

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SCExpert's main features include

  • Flexible UOM and packaging rules
  • Powerful, user-defined rule engines in every aspect of the operation
  • Discrete engineered labor standards to track workers, equipment and other distribution center resources and improve warehouse mobility
  • Cross-docking and/or flow through
  • Real-time, parameter-driven and configurable task interleaving
  • Truck routing optimization and last-mile proof of delivery
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As a wholesale distributor, you will benefit from

  • Real-time advanced and demand-driven replenishment to fill your pick locations
  • An optimized facility and labor resources
  • Integrated static and dynamic route planning and proof of delivery
  • Fast order fulfillment and increased customer service
  • Reduced errors, redundancies and inefficiencies
  • Maximized space utilization
  • Streamlined workflows

Common results


Advanced wave management


Optimized pick path sequencing to real time replenishment


Full control and visibility at every process stage

Ready to take your wholesale distribution to the next level?