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Food & Beverage with Made4net

Move your products safely, efficiently, and quickly.

We help you focus on making that next great fizzy drink we’ll all be craving next summer.

Boost ROI while managing slim margins. Comply with ever-changing standards and regulations for perishable and fresh food delivery. Tracking products’ expiration dates and rotating inventory efficiently. For food and beverage providers, food safety tops the long list of supply chain and logistics requirements.

Then there’s the increased pressure to meet customers’ service-level agreements (SLAs) while accelerating time to market. To compete, food and beverage providers need exceptional real-time visibility and well-oiled supply chain and logistics operations. They require strong rules-based receiving and outbound shipping functionality, an optimized order and picking process and complete KPI tracking.

Made4net’s powerful set of warehouse management capabilities secures your supply chain, keeps you on the right side of compliance and efficiently manages inventory shelf-life and seasonality. That means you can focus on making that next great fizzy drink we’ll all be craving next summer.

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Key Food & Beverage Features of SCExpert

  • Sophisticated inventory control through lot, batch, FIFO/LIFO, expiration date, and best before date, along with flexible time windows
  • Industry compliance in labeling, documentation, PTI, GS1 and EDI
  • Dynamic route planning and transportation management
  • Integrated voice picking
  • Easy integration to third-party applications and enterprise systems
  • End-to-end tracking and accountability for regulatory compliance and recalls
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Here's how you can benefit from Made4net solutions

  • Reduce inventory and order fulfillment errors
  • Optimize your labor with engineered labor standards, and get more efficiency and utilization from warehouse associates
  • Reduction of inventory shrinkage and spoilage
  • Continuous cost reduction
  • Seamless support for seasonal and promotional workflow activities
  • Enhanced workflows and business rules to support growth and expansion

Our Food & Beverage Customers Gain


Visibility into production volumes and accurate inventory levels


Production analysis covering raw materials through final production


Reduction of raw material and finished goods spoilage

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