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Consumer Goods with Made4net

Get your products on the shelf faster

Made4net lets you stay focused on winning more customer kudos.

Pinpointing where that shipment is and when it will reach the retailer. Getting a complete picture of the end-to-end supply chain. Never missing a chance to keep customers happy. Moving inventory through the pipeline as fast as possible and accurately filling orders every single time are daily make-or-break situations in the consumer packaged goods industry.

Successfully hitting these targets demands a sophisticated supply chain and logistics strategy. Speed is essential, and so is vendor compliance. In CPG, there’s no room for error. Every step in the fulfillment process must be calculated and synchronized perfectly. Customers won’t settle for anything less. Why should you?

Made4net’s suite of warehouse, transportation and yard management software solutions takes the guesswork out of the equation, and lets you stay focused on winning more customer kudos.

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Top CPG-Focused Solutions

  • Sophisticated inventory control, through lot, FIFO/LIFO and a variety of date control/management features
  • Retail compliance in labeling, documentation, PTI, GS1 and EDI
  • Dynamic event, order, routing and transportation management
  • Powerful task management and task interleaving to ensure optimization of labor
  • Build pallets by item mass and strength
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WarehouseExpert will drive you through

  • Configurable inventory allocation rules
  • Using RFID tags throughout the entire supply chain
  • Completely integrated voice technology
  • Mobile applications for route drivers
  • Reduced order fulfillment errors
  • Increased productivity and elimination of errors
  • Helping your warehouse labor perform their jobs effectively and reward individuals for their results

We Help Natela Importers


Cost associated with picking has been decreased by nearly 20%, inventory turns have nearly doubled


WarehouseExpert™ enabled Natela to enforce it critical FEFO (first-expired, first-out) inventory management policy


Accuracy vastly improved: workers can now scan bin and/or product labels to instantly identify correct products

Ready to take your consumer goods to the next level?

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