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Retail with Made4net

Delight customers with a frictionless shopping experience.

We streamline your downstream operations so you can focus on getting that repeat sale.

Protect margins in the face of increased online competition and discount mega-stores. Deliver excellence and top quality products to your stores. Determine the impact augmented reality, curated-product displays and high-touch services has on product segmentation, SKU development and inventory allocations. Customers want more and more from their retailers, and high-performance throughput is the only way to keep up.

Today’s retailers need greater product assortments, unified commerce platforms and real-time order, rea-time replenishment and customer-preference data. The lines are blurring between channels and devices, and omni-channel fulfillment grows increasingly more complex every day. Success lies in finding innovative and cost-effective ways to distribute high-volume consumer and retail goods, manage the overflowing product pipeline and integrate people, processes, systems and data. It’s all about designing the frictionless shopping experience, and it’s up to you to create it.

Made4net’s SCExpert™ suite of labor, transportation, warehouse and yard management software solutions takes the headache out of high-volume, high-mix fulfillment. We streamline your downstream operations so you can focus on getting that repeat sale.

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Key Features of SCExpert

  • Highly scalable systems capable of handling the highest transaction volumes
  • Robust functionality in every aspect of the warehouse
  • Flexible wave management and order release capabilities
  • Cross-dock and flow-through processing
  • Real-time replenishment/let-down engine
  • Powerful tools to drive engineered labor standards
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Retailers will benefit from

  • Completely integrated voice technology
  • Advanced inbound and outbound audit
  • Optimization of door scheduling and yard management
  • Powerful picking and replenishment driven workflows
  • Optimized picking for shortest travel distances
  • Optimized pallet building and static as well as dynamic route planning
  • Reduces pickup and delivery errors by scanning goods at the pallet level, case level or product level, upon delivery to the store

Here is what our customers gained


Improve inventory accuracy by 32%, and picking efficiency by 25%


Control the flow and traceability of perishable inventory


Support higher fulfillment volumes using its existing labor force

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