Supply Chain Solutions: Route Optimization

Bring a Welcome Dose of Common Sense to Transportation Software.

Implementing robust transportation solutions can cut transportation costs while improving customer satisfaction.

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RoutingExpert TM, Made4net’s powerful, dynamic route planning solution, helps you optimize distribution costs and come through for your customers. Using advanced routing algorithms and unlimited flexible user-defined business constraint rules, RoutingExpert can help you plan smarter routes faster, providing a robust ROI.

Key Capabilities

RoutingExpert’s route optimization takes into account both the bottom line and customer satisfaction to plan routes that cut costs and time to delivery. The solution’s parameter- and event-driven algorithms help you stay on top of transportation operations, including a fully customizable billing and payment solution.

  • Optimally route orders on available fleet
  • Support routing of orders, packages, pallets or routes based on value
  • Optimize shipments based on cube, weights, as well as fleet size 
  • Meet customer-preferred delivery windows
  • Build routes based on distances, speed, streets, tolls and geographical constraints 
  • Consider and plan variable service times at customer sites
  • Consider specific fleet accessibility to match customer location constraints
  • Route orders and deliveries at any stage of the order handling process

Key Benefits

RoutingExpert  provides ROI through savings that could account for a significant percentage of transportation costs and improved customer service, all while still being easy to implement, flexible, and scalable.

  • Save administrative costs in planning and paperwork 
  • Reduce fuel cost by running more efficient deliveries
  • Reduce the number of trucks and cost of maintaining your fleet
  • Improve customer service and satisfaction 
  • Reduce planning time and labor cost 
  • Measure KPI route planning versus execution 
  • Gain end-to-end visibility and control to deliver real-time optimization decisions for goods in-transit
  • Gain advanced routing optimization, based on real-time inventory, orders and resource availability
  • Adapt and scale with highly configurable technology, boosting efficiency with AI-driven automation



17% savings in fuel


17% increase in labor utilization


31% reduction on overall warehouse costs


28% savings in labor and fleet costs

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