Supply Chain Solutions: Labor Management

Boost Employee Efficiency to Boost Warehouse Efficiency.

LaborExpert uses proven best practices to track performance, improve labor standards, and increase productivity.

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Increase productivity and employee job satisfaction.

With the ongoing labor shortage, it’s critical that warehouses make the most of every employee they have. To do that, companies must first understand the current state of affairs when it comes to labor performance and utilization so that they can develop effective metrics and labor standards.

LaborExpert™, Made4net’s warehouse labor standards solution, can help companies evaluate their current processes, determine how they can make those processes better, and track progress towards labor performance and utilization goals. 

Key Capabilities

Made4net’s LaborExpert labor management tool goes beyond the ability to adapt to engineered standards and helps companies actually improve standards and calculate productivity goals based on key factors like available personnel, fatigue, and delay allowances. Warehouse mapping, real time dashboards, and system-calculated task times are all part of how LaborExpert takes labor management to the next level.

  • Map warehouse with XYZ Coordinates, travel paths rules and directions 
  • Predefined and configurable labor standard elements for use in labor calculations
  • System calculated standard times for picking, putaway, replenishment, counting and more
  • Accounted and unaccounted tasks with related labor standards
  • Measure execution vs. standard times per each task, in real time, taking into consideration variable attributes
  • Goal times and KPIs presented to associates in real time on their RF or voice terminals
  • Out-of-the-box, rich set of reports with performance and utilization metrics
  • Time and attendance tracking and integration
  • Individual and group metrics

Key Benefits

LaborExpert gives companies and associates alike a real time look at performance individually and as a group to provide motivation to strive towards goals. With advanced tracking features and reporting, Made4net’s labor management solution saves time and money while improving employee engagement.

  • Boost labor performance and utilization
  • Implement scalable LMS features, including everything from fixed standards all the way to complex calculated engineered labor standards
  • Save labor time and dollars
  • Simplify employee scheduling and time tracking
  • Integration with payroll and other accounting systems to support calculation of employee incentives
  • Real time reporting and KPIs on warehouse labor performance and utilization
  • Improve employee engagement
  • See who is performing well and who needs help, all in real time
  • Track indirect hours, missing hours, and overtime by employee



22% gains in warehouse productivity


17% increase in labor utilization


31% reduction on overall warehouse costs

Warehouse labor costs can account for up to 65% of spend

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