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Made4net Named 2024 Top Food Chain Technology by Food Chain Digest

11 June 2024, 2:49 pm
Made4net Press Release

Teaneck, NJ – June 11, 2024 – Made4net, a global provider of cloud-based Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) & end-to-end supply chain execution software, is proud to announce it has been recognized as a 2024 “Top Food Chain Technology” by Food Chain Digest, the official magazine of Food Shippers of America (FSA). The Top Food Chain Technology program recognizes standout technologies in food transportation, logistics, distribution and supply chain management, according to Brian Everett, group publisher and editorial director of Food Chain Digest. This recognition, determined not only by FSA’s evaluation, but also by the votes of shippers nationwide, is an incredible honor.

“Technology is shaping today’s food chains today by creating more transparency and efficiencies,” said Everett. “Supply chain technology is particularly important as platforms, applications and innovators help to proactively avoid or navigate disruptions in the food industry. This recognition program highlights technology leaders that are readily available as resources and solutions to food shippers.”

Made4net earned its spot on the 2024 Top Food Chain Technology list for their work with a leading natural and organic foods grocer who partnered with the company when the use of paper-based processes proved too cumbersome to manage the demands of expansion. Since adopting Made4net’s WarehouseExpert™ Food & Beverage WMS in 2011, this grocer has grown tenfold. The two companies have evolved together, and the retailer now utilizes Made4net software to manage seven distribution centers supporting over 400 stores across the nation.

Made4net’s robust warehouse management capabilities secure the supply chain, ensure compliance, and efficiently manage inventory shelf-life and seasonality. Key food and beverage features include:

  • Sophisticated inventory control (lot, batch, FIFO/LIFO, expiration date, best before date) with flexible time windows
  • Industry compliance (labeling, documentation, PTI, GS1, EDI)
  • Dynamic route planning and transportation management
  • Integrated voice picking
  • Seamless integration with third-party applications and enterprise systems
  • End-to-end tracking and accountability for regulatory compliance and recalls

The selection process for this honor is highly rigorous. Food Chain Digest staff first evaluated the nomination based on the ability of Made4net’s technology to solve business problems for this food shipper. Once vetted, the technology was then placed on a ballot and voted on exclusively by shippers nationwide.

To view a full list of companies named to the list, visit Food Shippers of America. 

About Made4net

Made4net is a leading global provider of best-in-class, cloud-based supply chain execution and warehouse management solutions for organizations of all sizes to improve the speed and efficiency of their supply chain. The company’s end-to-end SCExpertTM platform offers a robust WMS solution that enables real-time inventory visibility, labor management, and equipment productivity with performance analytics that drive faster, more accurate order fulfillment and improved supply chain efficiency.

In addition to the best-of-breed WMS, the platform offers integrated yard management, dynamic route management, proof of delivery and warehouse automation solutions that deliver a true supply chain convergence. Made4net is proud to be recognized by industry experts as a global leader in warehouse management software, including the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems.

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