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Demystifying WMS Implementations: How Made4net’s Modern and Flexible Solution Reduces Complexity and Cost

2 August 2023, 3:28 pm

Here at Made4net, we are often asked if WMS implementations always need to be complex and expensive. In this post, we’re answering that question. 

Today’s WMS systems can do a lot, and vendors with modern solutions have good tools to configure the solution to get you what you need in a simple matter without programming. This reduces complexity and deployment time. 

While it’s true that most WMS implementations have the tendency to be complicated, that’s not a requirement of the process. Made4net was founded by industry veterans who understood the WMS space: what worked, what didn’t, and how all of it could work better. They built a system from the ground up that delivered unmatched flexibility and configurability. 

Made4net equips customers to pivot quickly, affordably, and seamlessly, with maximum user configurability, and minimal need for additional professional services. All of which help mitigate the risks that too often come with major software initiatives. Made4Net achieves this with: 

  • A flexible, rules-based platform, which was built on Microsoft technology and based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • A host of specific product features and best practices accelerate every phase of implementation.
  • Proven, industry-specific templates ensure customers don’t have to start from scratch, and workflow-based applications that allow implementation teams to configure rather than code, shortening the path to supporting core processes like picking or putaway.

All of these features work together to ensure implementation is as painless and efficient as possible. 

Companies of all sizes, with warehouses at all complexity levels believe, “WMS shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t take this long. It shouldn’t cost this much.” We couldn’t agree more. This is why Made4net offers a proven, robust, scalable WMS that drives significant throughput in some of the most complex warehouse environments imaginable, with faster deployments, less complexity and often a lower total cost of ownership. 

Take a look at our High-Level ROI Calculator and enter data from your operations to see what kind of ROI you can gain from a new warehouse management system. And keep in mind that some of the gains are hard to calculate. The savings can reach far and wide across your business. If you have better inventory accuracy, you have better buying and purchasing strategy. If you are more efficient and accurate in picking within the warehouse, you can optimize shipments and save on shipping costs and fleets. 

A well-implemented WMS can be a game-changer for businesses, streamlining warehouse operations, increasing efficiency, and enhancing overall profitability. Made4net’s modern and flexible WMS solution addresses the complexities and challenges often associated with traditional implementations. Schedule a demo today.