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Buske Logistics Eliminates Manual Processes with Synapse 3PL Expert to Achieve Monumental Growth

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Buske Logistics Eliminates Manual Processes with Synapse 3PL Expert to Achieve Monumental Growth

Buske Logistics focuses on fulfilling the most demanding logistics needs of fortune 1,000 companies across a variety of industries ranging from food and beverage to automotive manufacturing. For over 100 years, the company has been committed to offering its partners unmatched personal attention that results in quick answers, superior value, cutting-edge technology, and the most reliable performance in the industry. Their expertise includes warehousing, packaging, and e-commerce fulfillment.


  • Founded in 1923.
  • Over 5 million square feet of handling and storage space at more than 20 locations in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Partners include Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Lexus, John Deere, and others.

The Challenge

Buske Logistics focuses on treating their customers like family and handling their products as if they were their own. Their operating philosophy centers on having scalable operational capabilities to meet every need while giving each customer the same attention and care a small business would. To scale their business and their customer service, Buske Logistics needed to eliminate manual processes that were impeding their growth. With mostly paper-based processes, inventory tracking was inaccurate and often led to duplicate work. It was time for a change, and that started with the need to implement a new Warehouse Management System (WMS).

“Synapse 3PL Expert transformed us from a manual, paper environment to a fully digital, license plate-based, and automated 3PL without slowing us down.”

Larry McGriff, VP of Operations, Buske Logistics

The Solution

Buske Logistics embarked on a detailed search for the right WMS that spanned a six-month period. The team knew they needed a solution built for the complexity and unique demands of modern 3PL operations, and in the end, they found Synapse 3PL Expert to be the right fit. With over 25 locations in North America, Buske noticed improvements right away.

Within six months of automating processes, Buske:

  • Achieved greater inventory accuracy
  • Eliminated duplicate work
  • Increased shipping & receiving accuracy.

Synapse 3PL Expert has automated put away and picking, leading to overall efficiencies throughout the organization. More importantly, it is helping Buske Logistics grow without impacting service levels.


“In the past, we were limited to running warehouses smaller than 200,000 square feet, but since implementing Synapse 3PL Expert we’ve been able to open multiple 300,000 to 400,000-square foot facilities.”

‒Larry McGriff, VP of Operations, Buske Logistics

The Outcome/Results

Since the implementation of Synapse 3PL Expert, Buske Logistics has been able to double their business with only a 25% increase in labor, and they don’t plan on stopping there. In fact, Larry McGriff, VP of Operations, believes they are still in the first phase of implementation, and that once more automation is introduced, they will be able to continue growing without having to hire additional staff. Better yet, Buske Logistics has been able to build more confidence with their customers. They can now show clients up[1]to-date information on inventory levels almost instantaneously while providing customized reports as needed. For many customers, once they see what Synapse 3PL Expert can do in comparison to their system, it’s an easy decision for them to integrate with Buske’s system via EDI, saving them time and money. With Synapse 3PL Expert, Buske can continue to enrich the lives of their associates while providing their customers a competitive advantage, a total win-win.

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