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8 Features you need in a Dynamic Routing & Proof of Delivery Solution

With truck capacity issues the likes of which we’ve never seen and consumer expectations soaring, delivery management is more critical than ever. It’s a constant challenge to achieve on-time deliveries that create happy customers while keeping delivery costs in check.

The fact is, customers constantly change orders and make last-minute requests. You need to accommodate these needs or they will take their business elsewhere. The challenge is that traditional truck routing systems are completely separate from your Warehouse Management System (WMS). This means that routing is planned in one system at a specific time of day and orders are then passed to your WMS for picking, which leaves little room to accommodate order updates after a specific cutoff time. Often times, changes involve a complicated back-and-forth process between the two systems without much flexibility. This forces you to either disappoint a customer by not accommodating their request or worse, accept the updates and blow delivery times, service levels, and budgets.

To remain flexible, you need a dynamic routing and proof of delivery solution that is completely integrated with your WMS so you can manage every step of the routing and delivery process within a single solution, from scheduling to signature collection, in real-time. Plus, accommodate last-minute changes as they arise. Let’s dig into what we believe are features a dynamic routing and proof of delivery solution must have to succeed.

How a business executes proof of delivery can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction, especially as last-minute or same-day deliveries continue to become more common. The ideal routing and POD solution will provide businesses with real-time visibility into vehicles at all times, flexibility to optimize delivery routes as needed, and transparency into all stages of an order’s trajectory. If a business wants to thrive, implementing an advanced routing and proof of delivery solution, like Made4net’s RoutingExpert and DeliveryExpert, is key.


1. Schedule shipments and deliveries, scan, load, and track
2. Manage drop off and pick up of shipments and packages
3. Real-time fleet and product or package delivery tracking
4. Paperless and able to capture digital signatures in real-time
5. View real-time delivery progress by route or by truck
6. Drill down analytics for delivery detail and signature information
7. Run mobile app online or offline
8. Seamless integration with your WMS

Made4net’s Automated Proof of Delivery (POD) system provides the visibility you need to create a true end-to-end supply chain from warehouse to customer. With real-time dashboard updates, vehicle locations, and AI-driven ETA’s, you can track and manage deliveries more efficiently resulting in more satisfied customers.

• Gain end-to-end visibility with real-time delivery tracking
• Eliminate paperwork by capturing electronic customer signatures in real-time
• Scan and track each package or order by item, in real-time
• Reduce errors
• Improve driver productivity tasks with guidance via mobile devices
• Save fuel by running more efficient deliveries
• Increase customer service and satisfaction

DeliveryExpert’s Automated Proof of Delivery (POD) functionality simplifies the delivery process, especially when deployed as a component of Made4net’s SCExpert™ integrated suite of products. It tracks your fleet using AVL technology, and automatically captures data on what was delivered, where it was delivered, when it was delivered, and who signed for the delivery.

If you’re disappointing customers, spending too much money on FedEx, UPS, and driver overtime, and feeling like you can’t react in real time, you need Made4net’s RoutingExpert and DeliveryExpert! Reach out for a demo today.