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NRF 2024: Unveiling Retail’s Future with Supply Chain Innovation and Sustainable Practices

“Retail’s Big Show” is just around the corner, and NRF 2024 promises to be an epicenter of learning, collaboration, and discovery. As the retail world converges in New York City on January 14-16, over 6,200 brands from around the globe will embark on three days of exploring the future of retail.

The Basics: NRF 2024 Highlights

NRF 2024 is not just a trade show; it’s a unique opportunity to forge meaningful relationships with retailers, vendors, and industry experts. The event boasts a plethora of networking opportunities, including an Opening Party in Times Square, Retail Store Tours, and the opportunity to meet with 1000+ exhibitors. Be sure to stop by and see Made4net in Booth #1260 – Level 1 to discuss your supply chain needs. 

Innovations at a Glance: NRF Supply Chain 360 Summit

A notable addition to NRF 2024 is the groundbreaking NRF Supply Chain 360 Summit. This day-long deep dive into solving retail’s toughest supply chain issues is a response to ongoing disruptions and evolving consumer behavior. With eight sessions led by industry experts, this summit aims to provide holistic insights into building a resilient and efficient supply chain.

Key Features of NRF Supply Chain 360 Summit:

Special Keynote: FedEx CEO Raj Subramaniam: Attendees will gain valuable insights into how FedEx leverages its vast scale and operational insights to enhance supply chain visibility, decision-making, and connectivity across the customer journey.

Other Sessions Highlights Include:

  • Creating optionality and speed in supply chains: A transformational journey with Northern Tool + Equipment’s CEO, Suresh Krishna.
  • Fireside chat with Target’s Executive Vice President, Gretchen McCarthy, on boosting last-mile capabilities and next-day delivery.
  • Walmart’s supply chain and sustainability leaders discussing the reimagined, connected, transparent, and sustainable supply chain.

New Horizons: NRF’s Sustainable Retail Workshop

Another exciting feature at NRF 2024 is the invitation-only Sustainable Retail Workshop. This exclusive half-day event, inspired by the Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s circular economy concept, explores how consumers and retailers can thrive in a more sustainable, circular retail landscape.

Key Aspects of the Sustainable Retail Workshop:

  • Categorizing the various definitions of the circular economy.
  • Discussing the future role of policy, including extended producer responsibility (EPR), supply chain traceability, and mandatory disclosure requirements.
  • Exploring best practices, profitable business models, and common challenges for different retail verticals.
  • Identifying the aspects of the circular economy within retailers’ control, influence, and understanding external factors.
  • Understanding the circular services retailers rely on third parties to provide, including the growing resale retail sector.


NRF 2024 is poised to be an exceptional journey into the future of retail, marked by innovations in supply chain management and a commitment to sustainability. We can’t wait to see you there and get to work on laying the foundation for a more resilient, connected, and sustainable future. Reserve a time to meet us at the show today!