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Made4net and IntegraSys Empower New England Ice Cream to Maximize Operations with Cutting-Edge Warehouse, Direct Store Delivery Support

9 April 2018, 7:00 am
Made4net Press Release

Hackensack, NJ – April 9, 2018 — Made4net, a leading Warehouse Management System (WMS) solution provider, delivered a two-month installation of a complete WMS solution for New England Ice Cream to be ready for the fast-approaching heavy seasonal volume during the summer months.

New England Ice Cream is a full-service distributor specializing in the frozen and dairy treats that have come to epitomize summer as well as the tasty desserts we enjoy all year long. It provides convenience stores, restaurants, grocers, and hospitals with full stocking and delivery of frozen food and dairy products as well as support for freezers, refrigerators, and displays.

New England Ice Cream has experienced significant growth over the past decade, with sales nearly quadrupling leading to a need for it to build a new 60,000 square foot warehousing facility. This was its first large-scale warehouse and created an immediate need for a warehouse management system, as well as warehousing team members and a supervisor.  However, New England Ice Cream needed a rapid installation and implementation to optimize its warehouse and business before it faced a significant increase in customer demand in the summer of 2017.

“We went from essentially nothing to immediately implementing a WMS, so we couldn’t follow the normal rules because of that significant time constraint. We needed Made4net to ramp up the planning, training, and testing phases to get us ready in roughly two months, and they really came through for us,” said Ted Gerlach, Controller and Operations/Process Improvement, at New England Ice Cream.

New England Ice Cream had an existing ERP from IntegraSys and wanted to leverage this for core business activities because of its robust functionality. Made4net and IntegraSys worked together to make sure the two platforms could integrate quickly and give New England Ice Cream the tools it needed to manage its operations and maintain existing positive relationships with clients.

“We chose Made4net because we needed a pre-defined solution with fast implementation, with experts who already knew the challenges of warehousing and how to solve them. Our business was pleased with the IntegraSys platform and the selection of a WMS depended on sharing data between these two platforms and with our customers,” said Gerlach.“ These two companies worked together to build that interaction in a matter of weeks and helped us get ready and improve order accuracy before we reached the summer, when our business triples.”

Using the Made4net’s WarehouseExpert™  and IntegraSys ERP, New England Ice Cream can now easily manage its inventory levels, automate order and review process, and track complete order and shipment data.  With the updated operations, the company can generate more useful orders and picking information as well as manage inventory and restock before anything runs dry.

“New England Ice Cream was looking for a quick out of the box installation, and we delivered a solution within a very short time, that included EDI integration with their Integrasys ERP system. We addressed some of the biggest challenges of the ice cream and food industry, by controlling product location, rotation and traceability, while shortening delivery cycle times,” said Dan Waters, VP Sales at Made4net.

By working together, IntegraSys and Made4net have created a unique combination of WMS and ERP tools designed to satisfy the needs of growing distribution businesses.

“I’ve been in the industry for over 30 years and have seen a lot of these integrations struggle or never get off the ground. To have something that was this painless is a testament to both of our organizations’ commitment to getting a seamless product out to the customer,” said Peter D’Angelo, Managing Director at IntegraSys. “The fact that we were able to marry our respective solutions together to form one cohesive package is a fine benefit to NEIC and any future prospects.”

About New England Ice Cream Corporation

New England Ice Cream Corporation is a specialty, full-service distributor focusing on a variety of ice cream, frozen, dairy, slush, beverage, and snack brands. It offers complete freezer programs tailored to a variety of business, display, and other needs. The current operating company was formed in 1999 and has seen consistent annual growth for more than a decade. New England Ice Cream currently operates a 60,000 sq. ft. warehouse and distribution facility.

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About Made4net

Made4net is an innovative and leading supply chain execution software provider focused on developing WMS and TMS for medium-sized businesses (SMB). Made4net was formed on a vision to support the growing demands of the medium logistic market with a powerful yet affordable integrated suite of products that address different parts of the chain.  Made4net offers a robust “all in one” supply chain application suite, which was built on a proprietary scalable platform, using modern technology based on Microsoft technology. The SCExpert suite includes WarehouseExpert along with RoutingExpert™ for managing and optimizing routing, and additional extended modules such as Yard Management, Labor Management, and Proof of Delivery to provide a powerful integrated end-to-end execution solution.

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About IntegraSys

IntegraSys is a leading technology provider specializing in the development and implementation of Mobile Sales and Route Accounting systems. It offers a unique combination of solid Direct Store Delivery (DSD) business experience matched with a proven track record of successful system implementations across the United States including Hawaii. IntegraSys solutions can be implemented as standalone systems or can be integrated to existing host and industry-leading ERP solutions.

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