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Made4net Grows Its Customer Base

Expands Community with Strategic Collaborations Across Diverse Sectors

The supply chain landscape is rapidly evolving and Made4net is proud to be partnering with industry leaders at the forefront of this transformation. We recently announced several new customers that highlight our commitment to driving innovation and efficiency within the industry. These partnerships encompass diverse sectors and showcase how Made4net’s WMS solutions are propelling businesses towards success in an ever-changing market.

United Warehouse Automation: Pioneering Automation in Cold Storage Facilities

United Warehouse Automation, a trailblazing firm specializing in warehousing and logistics automation, has selected Made4net’s WarehouseExpert™ to replace their homegrown WMS. The company plans to leverage the solution’s robust capabilities to orchestrate fulfillment in their highly automated third-party logistics (3PL) cold storage facilities in Chile and Florida.

The first facility, set to open in November 2023, is an epitome of modern warehousing, featuring cutting-edge technologies such as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) and Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS). Made4net’s SCExpert™ platform underpins this vision, integrating yard management, dynamic route management, proof of delivery, and a Warehouse Control System (WCS). This collaboration not only exemplifies United Warehouse Automation’s commitment to automation but also highlights the power of Made4net’s solutions to drive efficiency and seamless operations in complex logistics environments.

According to Esteban Mazuela, Managing Director of United Warehouse Automation, “Our search for a WMS partner focused on seamless integration with robotic and automated solutions led us to an in-depth evaluation. Made4net’s unmatched WMS expertise and global presence stood out.”

Souto Foods: Elevating Distribution of Authentic Hispanic Foods

Souto Foods, a prominent wholesale distributor of authentic Hispanic Foods, has experienced remarkable growth—300 percent year-over-year for the past five years. This trajectory demanded a sophisticated WMS solution to streamline distribution operations and Made4net’s extensive track record in the food sector made WarehouseExpert WMS an ideal choice

With WarehouseExpert seamlessly integrated with Honeywell Voice technology and NetSuite ERP, Souto Foods aims to enhance inventory accuracy, productivity, and customer satisfaction. The collaboration positions Made4net as a crucial partner in Souto Foods’ continued expansion, ensuring optimal performance as they cater to a wide customer base.

White Horse Logistics: Spearheading Apparel Distribution Excellence

The logistics landscape is incomplete without the prominent players in the third-party logistics (3PL) sector. Made4net’s collaboration with White Horse Logistics is a testament to our commitment to excellence in this industry. White Horse Logistics, a leader in apparel distribution and fulfillment for major retailers, has chosen Made4net’s Synapse 3PLExpert WMS to optimize their warehouse operations.

The selection of Synapse 3PLExpert addresses challenges related to seamless integrations, labor optimization, accurate warehouse task assignments, and more. This collaboration underscores Made4net’s versatility and adaptability, delivering real-time visibility and streamlining processes for a dynamic 3PL environment.

Duff Davidson, CEO of Made4net, highlighted the significance of the partnership, stating, “We are proud to be their partner in supporting their mission to provide unparalleled service.”

IKEA’s Fulfillment Revolution: A Seamless Experience for Customers

Made4net is not just collaborating with industry leaders; we’re reshaping the retail landscape by partnering with global retail giant IKEA. As the retail world evolves, IKEA is investing significantly to enhance its fulfillment processes and deliver a seamless omnichannel experience to customers. Made4net plays a pivotal role in this journey by providing WarehouseExpert WMS to transform IKEA’s fulfillment operations.

The strategic partnership will serve to bridge inventory silos, enhance real-time inventory visibility, and create more efficient delivery and pickup options for customers. Made4net’s solution will be deployed in IKEA stores, allowing unified order fulfillment across all channels. 

Driving Innovation, Enabling Success

Made4net’s latest collaborations underscore our commitment to innovation, efficiency, and customer-centric solutions. From automating cold storage facilities to streamlining food distribution and enhancing 3PL operations, Made4net’s solutions are at the forefront of transforming logistics. To see what we can do for your operations, get in touch