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Improve supply chain efficiencies and increase your return on investment (ROI) with SDCE’s 2023 Supply Chain Map

Supply & Demand Chain Executive, the only supply chain publication covering the entire global supply chain, lives and breathes the world of supply and demand. Their supply chain map, which they’ve been creating since 2017, is an excellent source for supply chain professionals to study as they make vital business decisions that will impact how they operate. Their most recent map is available now and can serve as a helpful guide for improving efficiencies and increasing return on investment (ROI). Our blog post below provides an overview of what the map has to offer.

Why Supply Chain Mapping

Supply chains are inherently complex, and after the COVID-19 pandemic, they not only became more convoluted, but far more visible. Supply chain maps are helpful in that they provide a clear view of the entire supply chain ecosystem, showing the interconnected flow of goods, services, and information within the network including the various entities, processes, and relationships therein.

With a visual representation of the supply chain, complex systems are easier to understand, and stakeholders are able to see the entire picture at a glance. This helps them identify dependencies and potential bottlenecks. It also helps with:

  • Enhanced transparency: Easily determine interdependencies between suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and customers. This could help highlight any vulnerabilities or areas for improvement within the supply chain.
  • Improved collaboration: Teams from different departments and organizations can more easily align their efforts by working off of a shared understanding of their supply chain. 
  • Risk mitigation: Supply chain mapping helps organizations easily identify and assess potential risks so they can plan proactively for any issues that may arise, like alternative sourcing options or inventory management. 

Supply Chain Mapping can also help with performance analysis and optimization as well as sustainability and ethical considerations. It provides an excellent overview of how goods and information move through the supply chain so stakeholders can make informed decisions that are aligned with their strategic goals.

SDCE’s 2023 Supply Chain Map

This year’s supply chain map by SDCE is comprehensive. With 12 different categories, the map offers unparalleled guidance on how to optimize every facet of one’s supply chain. The categories are:

  • Supply Chain Integration & Technology: Gain insights into process improvement, system optimization, and valuable technology to enhance overall supply chain performance.
  • Procurement: Understand how sourcing, supplier management, inventory, cost, and risk factors interact and impact supply chain performance.
  • Sourcing: Establish and manage supplier relationships to drive supply chain success.
  • Order & Demand Capture: Capture customer demand, manage orders, and align demand with supply for efficient fulfillment.
  • Product Lifecycle Management (PLM): Manage the entire lifecycle of products to optimize supply chain flow.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM): Track customer interactions, enhance demand forecasting, and improve planning for personalized engagement.
  • Continuing Education: Stay updated with industry best practices and innovative solutions for an improved supply chain.
  • Sustainability & Green Technology: Implement green strategies for positive environmental and social impacts.
  • Decision Support: Utilize tools like big data analytics and relational contracting for effective supply chain decision-making.
  • Payment: Manage cash flow and utilize procure-to-pay systems for smooth financial transactions.
  • Service Supply Chain: Visualize service delivery stages to identify areas for improvement in design, delivery, and support.
  • Fulfillment & Logistics: Map inventory management, shipment coordination, and timely delivery to enhance customer service and supply chain performance.

The Supply Chain Map and You

Clearly, there’s a lot to learn from this comprehensive SDCE map. As supply chain professionals you have a lot to consider when it comes to planning, enhancing productivity, and realizing revenue, and it would be easy for something to fall through the cracks. But not with this map! Use it as a guide to make business decisions you can be sure of. Download a copy of the map today.