In Today’s challenging distribution environment any sized company can feel out-muscled by its competitors. However, with the right technology and flexible fulfillment tools, any player can outmaneuver its competitors and gain a competitive edge.

Made4net was formed with a vision to support the growing demands of the competitive logistics market with a powerful yet affordable integrated suite of products that address different parts of the chain. We know that different industries need specialized solutions and that every business faces unique challenges. Therefore we have managed to create a set of tools that will answer the ever changing requirements of various market segments and verticals, through quick deployment and seamless integration.

Made4net offers a robust “all in one” supply chain application suite, which is built on a proprietary scalable platform, using Microsoft technology. Our approach has always been to give our clients tools that enable them to be less dependent on us as a supplier, and be more in charge of their logistical operations.

Being a web-based solution that runs on browsers, we offer our solutions both “on premises” and “in the cloud”. We can also provide all the hardware and consulting services that are required in order to get your operation fully automated.

Made4net is a global company with office locations in North America, Europe, The Middle East and Asia, servicing a reputed list of customers, at various sizes, languages, cultures and business flavors. What sets us apart from our competition is the ability to adjust our offer to our customers’ needs, and to create successful partnerships with them.

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