Freight transportation management is complex and challenging, especially where it pertains to omnichannel demand from various points of the supply chain. Customer expect faster deliveries and it seems like they will become even more complex. There is a clear need to make investments in vehicles and technology, and to improve efficiency and productivity, to reduce their overall transportation cost. To achieve that, we offer TransportExpert.

The TransportExpert system is an advanced solution for managing the transport system and for optimal planning of the tasks to be performed. The system manages all the resources of the trucking system (i.e., trucks, drivers, pick-up units, etc.) and allows you to manage various tasks such as transporting goods between logistics centers, distribution from a logistics center to customer sites, goods collection, entrances to sites and ports. The system uses maps and geographic information to perform distance calculations and select optimal routes. The system includes an automatic work placement sorter for drivers and vehicles with a preference option according to costs and constraints.


Trucking management

Transport is any task related to the collection or distribution of goods. For each shipment, the system maintains the following data (partial list of leading data): shipper, shipment source, requested shipment date, actual shipment date, unloading destination, requested unloading date, actual unloading date, current status (loaded, loaded, shipper , Received, etc.), weight, volume, transport group (bulk, pallets, refrigeration, freezing, etc.), type of transport (launches TL, LTL,) pick-up units (packages, pallets), number of pick-up units, distance, order numbers at The sender, the recipient and the warehouse.

You can manage transports in several ways: single transport from point to point, grouping several transports from a logistics site to several customer sites as one shipment and managing them as one shipment, grouping several transports coming from or to a sea / land port and managing the level of shipment, building combined transports such as to a point and distribution from it or delivery that includes transport by truck and then by train and then again by truck).


Key processes in the system

Task optimization is managed by the embedding module of the TransportExpert system. This module is designed to operate automatically and perform the distribution of tasks in a rapid and optimized manner, throughout all available resources. The planning algorithm in the system is an event-driven algorithm, and in any event that occurs in the system such as the entry of a new task, execution / non-execution of an existing task, the system performs a reassessment of the current situation and the assignment of subsequent tasks to the drivers. If necessary, the system makes changes to the tasks as long as they have not been transferred to the driver. The placement mechanism performs the placement according to sets of rules that include limitations and weights, to name a few.


Billing and Payment to Carriers

The system offers out of the box agreements and rates that may be used to charge customers and credit carriers. Each agreement supports the setup of payment method for transportation (by packages, distances, volume, weight, quantity discount, billing stairs, etc.), and invoices are generated accordingly.