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An Adaptive and Agile Network of Services


How do you get your backend, workhorse enterprise system to play nice with new, robust, agile supply chain, warehouse, transportation, and yard management solutions? No worries. We have 70 years of accumulated experience in unifying, integrating and configuring  IT solutions to make your supply chain and warehouses more efficient and productive.

SCExpert is one of the most advanced and versatile platforms on the market today. Our all in one suite of warehouse, transportation, labor and yard management solutions can be individually deployed, modified or combined as needed, depending on your requirements. And, all of our platforms and modules work seamlessly with whatever backend systems you work with.

Our customers use a range of enterprise systems, including SAP, Dynamics, Netsuite, Sage, Acumatica, and e-commerce solutions such as Magento and Shopify, and we natively and seamlessly communicate with all to provide the proper visibility. We adapt to your IT environment and your operational needs.

An organization that wishes to implement a supply chain solution for its execution processes has to face these challenges and more. The SCExpert™ Suite is built ground up from a network of independent services (Service Oriented Architecture – SOA) that can be accessed asynchronously though a messaging layer (MSMQ). This architecture allows for these services to be accessed from any networked application possessing the right permissions without the need for knowledge of that service’s underlying implementation and logic.


This approach has resulted in some fundamental capabilities that set our solution apart.


  • Extensible Data Model– Allowing an easy implementation of varying inventory and document models, and for multiple models to coexist within the same implementation


  • Extensible Business Logic– Allowing the user to define multi level (Organization, Warehouse, Client, Material group, etc.) policies and affect the flow and logic of processes as well as allowing integrators to easily incorporate customized business logic components.


  • Feature Rich User Experience– Enabling users to easily configure their owns Views, Searches, Reports, Charts, Visual alerts and gauges as well as the ability to configure a custom organizational portal that can use any internal or external application component.


  • Role based user access– Allowing control of user access permissions at all levels of the application by group as well as by individual user.


  • Open Integration Layer – A Service based; configurable transaction definition set allows easy integration to third party applications.


  • A Rich set of cross-application services– Provides extended application basic capabilities such as – Audits, Alerts, Reporting, Label printing, Event Management, MHE Control and more.


  • Distributed Execution– Messaging and Service based execution of application transactions and services means an easy way to configure transaction flow, a flexible implementation on varying network topologies, and substantial scalability.
SCExpert Platform

Built In Powerful Configuration and Integration Tools


  • Screen Generators – Build your own screens with a code free “drag and drop” component editor
  • “Skinable” – an open skin structure allows you to create your own skin (company personalized screen graphical background). A skin can also be assigned to a specific user
  • Dashboard Wizards – An easy to use Wizard, guides you in building your own dashboards driving the required operational KPI’s
  • Multi Lingual – Dictionary/Vocabulary based language enables the support of any language including right-to-left and Unicode. Forms automatically re-size on the fly, to the language translation. Currently implemented dictionaries include in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese, to name a few
  • Standard connectors for various ERP solutions (SAP, Dynamics, Netsuite, Sage and more), Voice Solution and AMR’s (Autonomous Mobile Robotics)
  • A built in WCS (Warehouse Control System) that manages all aspects of Material Handling Equipment (MHE) such as ASRS, Shuttles, AGV’s and more

Utilities and Personalization Tools


  • Personalized Views – Users can configure their screen to their own preferences and assigned to their profile, creating a personalized working environment
  • “On the Fly” Charts – Every query result in any screen can be transformed into charts and reports
  • User Vocabulary – User can implement custom vocabulary to fit the specific business terminology (ex: SKU vs. Item vs. Part Number etc.)
  • Export – Every query result in any screen can be downloaded into an Excel™ sheet either in the screen formatted version or as raw data
  • Reports – every query result in any screen can be turned into a published report
  • Labels – Label format can be customized per client (Bartender™ label design software)
  • Import Manager – Add hoc loading of data from Excel, CSV or XML formatted data
  • Open Database – Data Access layer isolates the business logic from database transactions and can be extended through the implementation of Data Connectors

Security and Privacy


  • Permission can be defined at every level of the application per screen, per element and per function on each screen
  • Roles, Groups and User based permissions (used inherit permissions from groups, and can also be assigned with specific permissions)
  • External Authentication (LDAP , SAML) and 3rd party integration
  • XML based data mapping allows the easy creation of interfaces to any standard host system or proprietary legacy applications


SCExpert for SAP

SCExpert for SAP





SCExpert for SAGE

SCExpert for SAGE







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