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Packageman Implements Made4net WMS as its Engine to Drive E-commerce Fulfillment

24 November 2020, 7:33 pm
Made4net Press Release

HACKENSACK, N.J. NOVEMBER 24, 2020 – Made4net, a leading Warehouse Management System provider, announced today it has partnered with Packageman, a boutique e-commerce fulfillment specialist, to implement the Made4net WMS as its fulfillment engine.

Packagman is a New Jersey based 3rd party logistics company, founded by Yashar Novruz, with the vision to provide best in class omni channel fulfillment services, for small and medium online sellers. Being a logistics professional and sole entrepreneur, Yashar has built a company that has outstanding reputation, but lacked a solid technology backbone.

After several failed attempts to use small WMS packages, Packageman decided to look for a best of breed WMS and ultimately decided to partner with Made4net, to implement its WMS solution within the new facility in Fairfield, NJ.

“I practically looked at every WMS in the market, and tried about half a dozen different systems, mostly small cloud based inventory solutions, with pick and pack capabilities, none which have been able to provide a solution to support my business,” said Yashar Novrus, Founder and CEO at Packageman. “After a year of research, I realized that in order to grow and provide best in class service to my customer, I need a partner that has a robust platform and can also support our growth. This is when I partnered with Made4net,” said Novruz.

“Packageman is an outstanding e-commerce fulfillment solution provider, for the SMB sellers out there. We were impressed with the commitment and service level and are very excited to partner with Yashar and his team to support their growth,” said Amit Levy, Managing Director at Made4net.

“COVID19 has changed the world, and we are here supported by a leading technology platform, to serve and help our customers outgrow these challenges and drive their online fulfillment,” said Novruz.

The Made4net WMS will manage the entire Packageman operation with receiving, putaway, light speed pick and pack, inventory control and real time visibility. The solution offers integration to dozens of selling channels and shopping carts as well as an OMS, and real time communication with common carriers. Packageman will also be offering its clients a real time portal to place orders and view their inventory and fulfillment status as it occurs.

About Packageman

Packageman is a same day fulfillment partner to online sellers that are looking for a best in class service provider. Our e-commerce fulfillment solutions enable us to provide a solid platform to service our customers and maintain critical speed-to-market. Through our e-commerce fulfillment solution, our customers benefit from streamlined on-boarding process, a trained team best-in-class order and warehouse management systems; and full reverse logistics capabilities. We overcome the challenges of operating an omni-channel supply chain, meet the e-commerce demands of consumers who expect two-day delivery, and provide real-time inventory management. We do this for you.

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About Made4net

Made4net designs, builds and delivers a best of breed WMS and supply chain execution software which can deployed on premises and in the cloud. We strive to help our customers drive performance and profitability by sharing years of best practice experience and offering a robust “all in one” supply chain application suite, which is built on a common technology stack and a scalable platform.